Taco and Mia are Party Animals!

Note: This is a special guest post written by Chipmonkey

I made a few new friends last week! My human (Chip) has a friend Taco, who is spending a year traveling around the country with his Human (Mia); you can keep track of their adventures on Taco’s blog. They were going through Las Vegas, and since I have some friends out there too I decided to have Chip fly us out there to meet them and have a few nights on the town; Angela even came out for a whirlwind 36 hours — just the right way to do Vegas!

Chipmonkey and Taco in the car with Mia driving

Chipmonkey and Taco

Chipmonkey, Angela, Taco, Chip, and Mia in Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

Taco and Mia Meet Elvis

Taco and Mia Meet Elvis

We had a great time! Taco is just my size for one thing… bigger dogs tend to like to chew on monkeys my size, but Taco and I got along famously.  We got our picture in front of the famous Las Vegas sign, and we even met Elvis! We visited the Pawn Shop where they shoot “Pawn Stars” — but that wasn’t really terribly exciting. We even got to visit the Neon Graveyard, and the site of the original Las Vegas settlement. Unfortunately the Graveyard was closed, and a lot of Las Vegas isn’t dog friendly, so Taco ended up spending a lot of time at the doggie spa. Come to think of it, I’m kind of jealous — I think he even got a bath… maybe I should make Chip start treating me better.

Of course, while Taco was in the spa, we got to do a few more cool things. There was a bit of gambling, I recommend to play UFABET is a unique new way to bet on your favorite sports teams and players– I think Angela was the only one who ended up winning money; congrats Ang! We took a tour of the hoover dam (I don’t know why Mia threatened to let go of me while dangling me over the side, but the view was spectacular!), and we drove around the desert finding some cool new flowers for Mia’s photo collection. The desert is way prettier than it gets credit for most of the time.

Mia Dangling me over the Hoover Dam

Chip got to see his friends Paul and Jennifer, too, who both live out in Las Vegas. Paul totally hooked us up by letting us see his Improv comedy show (at the Onyx theater, which was an adventure all by itself), and by getting us in to see Tony and Tina’s Wedding, where he was the photographer. If you ever get a chance, see both of those, we were all laughing for hours — Paul is one funny guy!

Chip and Paul with the Stormtrooper

Chip and Paul with the Stormtrooper

Paul is the Wedding Photographer

I can’t even list everything else we did. We went to the top of the Stratosphere, we saw Fremont street, we saw itty bitty street performers. Chip, Mia, and Angela saw Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka,” and ate some fantastic dinners including a six course meal at Emeril’s and a trip to In-And-Out burger (Emeril’s was slightly better, I’m told).

Angela has a cleverly titled blog post that has her take on the trip, and hopefully Taco will publish something soon, or maybe just steal this post if he wants!

All the rest of the photos are available too, for the overly bored.

Thanks Taco, Mia, and Ang for traveling with me! It’s always great to make new friends!

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