Quickie: Alphabet URLs

Curiously, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few months, then Google went and created Alphabet and it seems a bit more apropos now.  Let me ‘splain: Go to the URL bar in your web browser… Read More

Cross Posting For Fun and Profit

I’m sure you’ve noticed a derth of posts on chiplynch.com in the last, say, year. Well, that’s Ok. It’s not that nothing’s been going on in my life, actually it’s been quite insane (and sometimes in a good… Read More

Virtualizing and Disaster Testing a Linux Server

Since the mercury has decided to go hiding completely in that tiny little ball it calls home apparently my small but dedicated webserver has decided to freak out and take a small hibernation period itself. I think the NIC is going bad — every few days it would take down my whole network. Pulling the network cable from the router brought everything ELSE back up, and the machine seemed to reboot and work fine once I put the keyboard and head back on, but then, a few days later, same problem.

So, I’ve decided to do away with the older desktop hardware that I keep replacing and re-purposing and move to a virtual machine on my media center PC. That’s the short version — read on for the painfully long version.

RIP Little Shuttle

Our poor little collection of websites (I think we host 5 of them now), were down for a week and a half due to the poor death-throws of the little Shuttle box that ran the site for many… Read More

You Tube, Roller Coasters, and Theme Park Visits

Until I can get streaming media working from my own server (which is probably semi-trivial, but this was even trivial-er), we’re going to join the YouTube bandwagon (and band-width wagon). Ang has a far more detailed write up… Read More