Cross Posting For Fun and Profit

I’m sure you’ve noticed a derth of posts on in the last, say, year. Well, that’s Ok. It’s not that nothing’s been going on in my life, actually it’s been quite insane (and sometimes in a good way). I’m just behind. But, I’m trying to catch up! There are scads of pictures in the gallery, but I’m probably missing a couple of thousand (sorry, Emily — I’ll get your wedding photos up soon, promise!).

In the mean time, I’m going to start cross-posting things from some of my other blogs.

What’s that, you say? I have other blogs? Well, yeah, apparently, although I haven’t kept up with them either. I’ve got a pitifully bad habit of not knowing what things to post where either, so they ALL get posted here, and then I split the rest of them up accordingly. Trust me, it’s going to all work out somehow. The great part for you, my devoted followers, is that this may actually give you something to read.

And it may not.

Happy hunting,


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