On Repeated Medical “testing”

I’ve blogged about this before, but I wanted to revisit because FiveThirtyEight, whom I love and adore, just posted about it again, in light of the recent Theranos problems. My last blog post was long, so let me… Read More

When the “Quantified Self” meets Medical Reality

So, there was a bit of a twitter row a few weeks ago when Mark Cuban and a number of healthcare people got in a debate about the frequency of lab testing.  Mark posted a tweet that started,… Read More

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Bad Science or Bad Grammar? Homeopathy, GMO, and Chip’s rantings…

Here’s another “science battles” trend that bothers me.  There’s a lot of frustration on the internet with this or that being bad science, and for the most part I’m on the side of science.  People do some really… Read More

Adding a quick lunar calendar to the data mart

I ran across an article at Popular Science citing research that correlated Heart Surgery outcomes to the Lunar Calendar. That’s right… the claim is that you are more likely to survive and to spend less time in the… Read More

R Slopegraphs and the HHP Leaderboard

I’m still working on my visualization-fu, so when the Heritage Health Prize finally got announced, the final scores provided a simple source of data that I wanted to investigate. I’ve written about the HHP before.  After spending three years with… Read More