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No Man’s Sky – Finally! Nearly as good as Star Control II

I’ve long been on record (well, I’ve long said it I promise) that my favorite game ever is still Star Control II, and I’ve been waiting for a game to recapture what I loved about it. (You can download the … Continue reading

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On Key Performance Indicators

You’ve got a company, or an organization, or even just in everyday life, and you have goals:  you want to grow, you want to learn, you want to educate.  But how do you quantify those goals?  From a business perspective, … Continue reading

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17 year old Llamas are still going strong

Wired recently ran this short article about Gridrunner Revolution, a new acid-trip game from Jeff Mitner. Who? Yeah, that’s what I said. But then I actually READ the article, instead of looking at the tripped out picture. Mintner is the … Continue reading

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