17 year old Llamas are still going strong

Wired recently ran this short article about Gridrunner Revolution, a new acid-trip game from Jeff Mitner.


Yeah, that’s what I said. But then I actually READ the article, instead of looking at the tripped out picture. Mintner is the Wil-E-Coyote level Super Genius behind Llamasoft.

Wait, Who?

RIGHT AGAIN! Llamasoft is the company that created Llamatron! I can’t even find an informative link to Llamatron except for this wikipedia link, even on the Llamasoft website, but, dangit, Llamatron was one of the games that defined my early gaming addiction and I’m just super-pumped to see that the company and the dude behind it are still spewing forth trippy games.

You can actually download the 1992 game from Llamasoft on various platforms. I can’t quite get the PC version to run on Vista, but I haven’t yet spent as long trying as I have writing this blog post.

If you get a chance, though, go read the Llamasoft history. It’s a great read about their experiences in early gaming development, and it has a lot of memories that make me remember the era fondly… hopefully you’ll have the same experience.

Viva La Llama.


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