Magic, Dolphins, Astronauts, Stars, and birthdays and things…

So the last couple of weeks were pretty epic. Li’l Bro Joe came out to visit for his birthday, we used tickets Mary Ann got for the Magic Castle, which is pretty cool by itself, but we also… Read More

Procrastination via Organization (And Loving It)

I think there’s a name for the mental block that occurs when you can’t start a project specifically due to having not cleaned and organized sufficiently before hand.  It’s a form of procrastination, I think, but I haven’t… Read More

The Wild Blue Yonder

So today is my second day off after quitting my job!  I’m very excited about it… my most recent client was very interesting, and I think we accomplished some really cool things while I was there, but getting it… Read More

Mosaics and More Algorithm Love

My mom (whose website I should update) recently celebrated her birthday. My mom is an avid shutterbug, and abuses the digital camera we got for her a handful of Christmases ago to the tune of 10,000 photos a… Read More

Mini Star Trekkin’

We had quite the celebration down in Louisville this past weekend for the KY Derby Mini Marathon. Kory, Heather, Jessica, Emily, Mike, Jackie, Maureen, and I all got together at the start line to run the little guy… Read More