Magic, Dolphins, Astronauts, Stars, and birthdays and things…

So the last couple of weeks were pretty epic. Li’l Bro Joe came out to visit for his birthday, we used tickets Mary Ann got for the Magic Castle, which is pretty cool by itself, but we also went on a whale-watching boat… er… didn’t see any whales, but the dolphins were great and I got one of my new favorite pictures… also the Perseid meteor shower was up so we went with a bunch of SpaceX people… I got to meet the astronauts we’re sending on our first crew missions… So many ellipses! I’ll let the pictures do the work:


Awesome Dolphin Jump Zoom

We got to meet Astronauts and ask them questions! And this very clear photo made it to Ars Technica –

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  1. Ir was in a news article that one of the Astronauts was ask about is there a toilet in the commercial crew capsules. The reply was that there was one in the Dragon 2 only.

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