Crew Demo 1

So this weekend has been one of the highlights of my career, in a lot of ways. I hadn’t contributed to SpaceX for the Falcon Heavy last year, but now I’ve been here just over 12 months, and… Read More

No Man’s Sky – Finally! Nearly as good as Star Control II

I’ve long been on record (well, I’ve long said it I promise) that my favorite game ever is still Star Control II, and I’ve been waiting for a game to recapture what I loved about it. (You can… Read More

Two Years with the Heritage Health Prize

ED: I spoke to a reporter yesterday for a half hour or so, discussing the final stretch of the Heritage Health Prize data mining competition I’ve been a competitor in for the past couple of years. Her article… Read More

Cars, Work, Blogs, and such

Well, my wonderful Subaru WRX with a gadzillion (162k) miles on it blew a head gasket just before Halloween, and I JUST got it back. It’s much happier now, several thousand dollars later. In the mean time I… Read More

Winter Projects: No Moving Required

Halloween is just about over, for all useful purposes. I had two visitors… the were twins and they live next door. I managed to make it out Thursday night to the Miamisburg bar hop, which would have been… Read More