Winter Projects: No Moving Required

Halloween is just about over, for all useful purposes. I had two visitors… the were twins and they live next door. I managed to make it out Thursday night to the Miamisburg bar hop, which would have been point-and-shoot heaven except that my camera had fallen under a chair earlier in the week and the three days I spent looking for it beforehand didn’t pan out, while the five minutes I spent the next morning did. Oh well.

Summer went well — I biked a lot, swam a lot, and ran a lot — all that outdoor stuff that one wants to do when it’s warm. Cold is now imminent. It descends upon the Chip like Christians on prime-time nudity.

I’m not much for the cold.

So, it’s time to find things to keep busy indoors. November is, again, National Novel Writing Month, and with any luck I’ll do better this year than prior years. Hopefully I’ll draw some encouragement from everyone else doing it — my cousin Jennifer is in; hopefully Aerin will try it. A few of you others are considering it — I could use the additional motivation.

On top of that I’m working on a pseudo work/personal programming project, for which I’ve started another blog here (because, you know, I have all this free time). Thought I’d try out blogspot, get back into some real coding (Project Euler hasn’t been keeping me entertained any more), and, like I said, all of this can be done half-clothed and indoors.

The cold can just bring-it, cause I am prepared.

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