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No Man’s Sky – Finally! Nearly as good as Star Control II

I’ve long been on record (well, I’ve long said it I promise) that my favorite game ever is still Star Control II, and I’ve been waiting for a game to recapture what I loved about it. (You can download the … Continue reading

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Base conversion in SQL

Here’s something silly I threw together that no one will probably use, which makes it perfect for posting here. We ran across software that has a table that has an Id that ALSO has a unique char(4) field that, as … Continue reading

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5-Gallon Bucket Pond Filter

Every once in a while I actually DO one of those little projects on Pinterest. Of all the things I put together, the main reason I thought I’d post this one is that the other million tutorials out there didn’t … Continue reading

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Fridays Off! And a movie Review…

I’ve gone to working part time, as of last week. After leaving Deloitte and the Air Force, and the fantastic team I helped build and was a part of up there, I have some higher standards for the work I … Continue reading

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The 33 — reviewing a new series by J.C. Hutchins

Addison Creel made a deal with the devil (whether literally or figuratively we’re not quite sure — there is a character named Azael), and the bill is now coming due. 33 weeks of service to a secretive organization that has … Continue reading

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