You Tube, Roller Coasters, and Theme Park Visits

Until I can get streaming media working from my own server (which is probably semi-trivial, but this was even trivial-er), we’re going to join the YouTube bandwagon (and band-width wagon).

Ang has a far more detailed write up of our trip to King’s Island than I’d ever dare write, but the streaming video is only available here! (Such is the division of labor between an English Major and a Computer Science Major):

4 Comments on “You Tube, Roller Coasters, and Theme Park Visits

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  2. Great video! Angela was right, the middle is totally the best part 😉

  3. That’s excellent, I like the part where you turn the camera around. RSS just told me that this was here today. It was like receiving a letter mailed way in the past. Except there was no letter. And it was only three weeks ago. Other than that the analogy holds up though.

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