RIP Little Shuttle

Our poor little collection of websites (I think we host 5 of them now), were down for a week and a half due to the poor death-throws of the little Shuttle box that ran the site for many years. I’m really quite proud of it for being up as much as it was for so long, considering it was cobbled together from cast-aside parts ages ago. I’m not sure what actually killed it, but all my resuscitation efforts failed, so it was replaced. Rest In Peace, little Shuttle.

On the up side, once I got another misused desktop to take its place, all I had to do was put the old hard drive in and life was good. High marks for Ubuntu for that one — if you’ve ever tried moving a Windows install to a completely different PC just by swapping the hard drive, you know what I was fearing — driver and update hell. The only config change I needed to make to Ubuntu was the X windows driver, which I ended up killing anyway since I never use X on that box.

So, we’re back up. Feel free to abuse the system as much as you like and we’ll see how long it lasts.

We know you missed us. Sorry.

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