It’s too cold for this

My brother signed up for a fur-trapping excursion this past weekend, so I met him somewhere out in nowhere, KY for a bizarre sub-freezing camping and trapping experience. I should write more about it — it was quite an experience, but of course I’m lazy and I need to get this up since Joe wants to see the pictures.

It was an enlightening contrast between my pro-animal-rights, pet-loving side (who used to own a pet Skunk, for example), and my live-off-the-land side (that really wants a skunk-fur hat — they’re quite soft and warm, you know).

Pics are here: 90314

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  1. Chippy-
    I didn’t know you all kill the animals!! Cry, cry. Do you at least eat them or donate the meat or something? More crying…I guess all the meat that I eat has been killed but I just don’t want to think about it. Maybe I will become a vegetarian- maybe not.

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