Well, I’ve been back from Kenya for a while now. For anyone that missed it (you weird non-facebook users), I went over with Hearts For Kenya, a Louisville, KY based volunteer organization that, well, here’s how they word it:

The mission of Hearts for Kenya is to empower the Oyugis community to address the critical needs of poverty, hunger and disease through education and training projects. The core venture is aimed primarily at increasing agricultural productivity with ancillary projects including building, nutrition, education, assistance to orphans and widows, health services, and a tree nursery. The intent of Hearts for Kenya is to enable the local citizens to carry on the projects autonomously.

The experience was nothing short of amazing. Which, of course, means it’s time to get the photos uploaded. 🙂 I’ve been sitting on this for a while, trying to find something to write, and taking time to organize at least a few of the photos. There are more than 2500 of them in the entire album, so it was a bit daunting. I pulled a lot of my favorites, though, in this folder here.

There were really two distinct parts of the trip. For about 10 days we stayed in Oyugis, Kenya, the focal point of the volunteer work we were doing. I could write volumes about the experience here, and I hope to someday, possibly on the Hearts4Kenya website, but for now, photos will have to do, mostly because I’m at work and I want to get this out. Pictures of the students, people, and area are in a little folder here:

The last two days we spent on Safari, which was equally awesome but in a completely different way. Pictures from there are here:

For the uber-lazy, here are a few of the best shots:

For the uber-non-lazy, drop me a line, and we’ll figure out how to get you on the next trip somewhere around June, 2011.

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