Best Reddit Yet…

Ok, I’ve only posted to reddit a couple of times, but this one will be my favorite for probably forever I expect…

I posted this thread on reddit asking about an MP3 song I’ve had lying around since college, or shortly thereafter (1997? 98? 99?).

It’s on the “Name That Song” subreddit because I wasn’t sure I had the name of the artist or the song correct. I’d transcribed the lyrics, searched the internet as best I could (and I generally consider myself fairly adept at that), and finally resorted to posting to reddit.

A few weeks go by… crickets. No comments; just a few views.

Until I woke up this morning to not only a comment on the thread, but an email from the comment-writer, who was none other than the original artist, excited to have googled himself and found me posting about a song he wrote 20 years ago!

Made his day, and it made mine too. It’s a fun little thread; check it out. Good times.

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