Time Sucks

There’s some sort of time-space problem that causes me (and I suspect both of you) to simultaneously have no time to accomplish many of my personal goals and yet to be able to do things that seem completely unproductive (watch TV, surf the web, blog, attend halloween parties)…

Among the things that I expect will either take up most of, or none, of my spare time this November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). You may remember that when I tried to do this in 2005 I was abruptly interrupted by my car getting smushed within moments of my first words being set on paper.

Bad luck. I’d like to say that this year could hardly go worse, but I imagine the mere thought would cause the fates to try to play with me.

Wish me luck. At the same time, wish Aerin, one of my long-lost high-school friends luck as well, as she’s on the same path for the next month.

Happpy November!

UPDATE: Add “standing in line for four hours on a Saturday waiting for someone ELSE to vote” to the list of time sucks.

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