50 States (At least 49 anyway)

I’m trying to convince myself of what states I have and haven’t visited. There’s a chance Alaska was my 50th, but most of the New England states were just drive-throughs, and I’m not 100% sure on Mississippi. So I’m making a list. And a map!

Also per Friends, I’m going to try to see how many I can list in 6 minutes (while watching Resident Evil). So here we go… (I got 46 — I felt more like I ran out of time than that I wouldn’t get them in like 10 minutes, but I missed Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, and Missouri).

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. California
  6. Oregon
  7. Washington
  8. Idaho
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Utah
  11. Colorado
  12. Nevada
  13. Oklahoma
  14. Texas
  15. North Dakota
  16. Wyoming
  17. South Dakota
  18. Kansas
  19. Minnesota
  20. Illinois
  21. Michigan
  22. Indiana
  23. Ohio
  24. Kentucky
  25. Tennessee
  26. Mississippi
  27. New Mexico
  28. Georgia
  29. Florida
  30. South Carolina
  31. North Carolina
  32. Virginia
  33. West Virginia
  34. Maryland
  35. New Jersey
  36. Pennsylvania
  37. Connecticut
  38. New York
  39. Rhode Island
  40. Maine
  41. Delaware
  42. New Hampshire
  43. Massachusetts
  44. Montana
  45. Vermont
  46. Nebraska
  47. Hawaii
  48. Iowa
  49. Louisiana
  50. Missouri

I left those in the order I wrote them down in case anyone wants to dissect my thought process.

So… which ones have I visited?

AlabamaHuntsville – working for NASA
AlaskaParent’s 50th wedding anniversary cruise!
ArizonaLots – Phoenix to visit Mike and Sally among others
ArkansasLittle Rock to visit the Chamberlains while driving to Texas
CaliforniaLots – lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles
ColoradoLots – camping and visiting people
ConnecticutMaine Road Trip 2022 with Pregnant Wifey
DelawareDC-NYC Road Trip 2000ish / Rehoboth Beach
FloridaLots – Disney World 2022 with Pregnant Wifey
GeorgiaAtlanta for Zip Line Bachelor Party
Idaho2021 Road Trip with Wifey
IllinoisLots – Chicago w/Eric, Argonne national labs
IndianaI mean, like a super lot, it’s just across the river
IowaKansas-Nebraska Road Trip (visited Brian)
KansasKansas-Nebraska Road Trip (visited Brian), also HS Chess
LouisianaNew Orleans multiple times
MaineSailing with Pa and Joe forever ago
MarylandLots while living in DC
MassachusettsBoston, for work, and to visit Dan Swyers in like 1997
MichiganLots – HS Trip, Jim and Heather
Minnesota2021 Road Trip with Wifey
MississippiHave I never been here????
MissouriDrove through St. Louis lots. Was in the arch as a kid.
Montana2021 Road Trip with Wifey (Montana)
NebraskaKansas-Nebraska Road Trip (visited Brian)
NevadaBachelor parties mostly, also family vacation, camping trip
New HampshireMaine Road Trip 2022 with Pregnant Wifey
New JerseyDefinitely popped over during a NY/Long Island trip.
New MexicoGrand Canyon / Phoenix Road Trip with Kory
New YorkLots – 2021 w/Wifey ; winter in NYC!
North CarolinaSo much – Cousins!
North Dakota2021 Road Trip with Wifey
OhioLived there, lots (Xavier, Dayton, Akron)
OklahomaWork – Oklahoma City, Tinker AFB
Oregon2021 Road Trip with Wifey – visit Rebecca Wyland (Vierling)
PennsylvaniaDC-NYC Road Trip (like 2000?)
Rhode IslandMaine Road Trip 2022
South CarolinaMyrtle Beach as a kid
South Dakota2021 Road Trip with Wifey
TennesseeLots – Nashville, visiting “Jen”s, driving toys w/Joe
TexasAustin to visit John Mattingly, Natalie Vaughn’s wedding
UtahOgden Utah to visit the Chamberlains – 12th grade
VermontMaine Road Trip 2022 with Pregnant Wifey
VirginiaLots – driving Louisville to DC, white water rafting
Washington2021 Road Trip with Wifey
West VirginiaLots – driving Louisville to DC, white water rafting
Wisconsin2021 Road Trip with Wifey
Wyoming2021 Road Trip with Wifey (Yellowstone)

Ok, so I am pretty sure I have never been to Mississippi. How did this happen? MAYBE I drove through, to New Orleans or Texas, but there are paths that don’t go that way and it’s been a while. Does anyone remember going to Mississippi with me?

I DO know that I drove to Maine once and tried to hit some states along the way but I can’t be sure I hit them all (before Google Timelines, sadly). So….

UPDATE! Wifey and I took an extra long trip to go through the New England states while I was on a work trip to Boston. That brings the official total to 49! Only one road trip away! And I have to pull Wifey to a few I’ve hit and she’s missed. ROAD TRIP!

For the pedantic among you… most of these states I’ve thoroughly visited, and even slept in. There are a few exceptions. I think New Hampshire and one of the Dakotas were just day visits during longer road trips, and Idaho was also just a drive through on the narrow bit up top. Everywhere else I’ve spent a considerable amount of time, if not spending the night, at least visiting with friends or family for more than just a road-trip drive-by.

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