Terminal Madness

Here’s a short list of the various ways I type things into a command line on my machine (not necessarily an exhaustive list of what I COULD use… but what I seem to need to use regularly).  This seems excessive:
* Windows Command Line (I’d love to run linux native on my machine, but not quite there yet)
* Windows Power Shell
* MinGW (installed for git as the default git/bash shell)
* Cygwin (I can take this off; consider it early masochism)
* Ubuntu (the one installed as part of the Windows Subsystem for linux)
* Ubuntu (the 16.04 and 18.04 LTS versions are installed in Hyper-Vs for various testing)
* Docker (the docker linux host has a handful of images)

That seems excessive. I’m not sure if my linux dev box is better or worse.

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