TeamFortress 2 and BlackJack

Not much to see here. I needed to add an update so that people would quit complaining… you know how that goes. I actually disabled the front page briefly, then people complained they couldn’t get to the pics and the Wiki. Apparently people just don’t comment on the Blog. Oh well!

If you ever needed proof that I play too many video games, you can track my progress on the latest TeamFortress2 server I’ve monopolized my time with. Jeremi’s page is up there too.

Nextly, a brief word of advice. If you go to a restaurant, and they have a list of wine specials for the evening, and you see a wine of the type you were going to get anyway, and this one has a number beside it that is, in fact, the price, which seems reasonable so you plan to order it… make sure you’ve correctly identified the price as the per BOTTLE price, instead of the per GLASS price, because confusing the two could result in A) a really good wine and B) a really painful bar tab. (the really good wine in question: 2002 BlackJack Ranch Syrah Maximus)

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  1. Angela says:

    If you ever need proof that he plays too many video games, ask his fiance. Some days I don’t see the man.

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