Packing, Planning, and Catching Up

Well, it’s time again for that bi-annual post that you all have come to love and enjoy!

This particular weekend, I’m packing for a trip to Kenya… I’m leaving this coming weekend for a two week volunteer trip with Pete who I’ve known for-freakin’-ever (and a few other people that I’ve just recently met). They’re a part of Hearts4Kenya, a small nonprofit that John Willingham, who organizes the trip and probably does a million other very important things, operates.

If you’re interested, btw, you can donate money here. Also, a lot of pictures from one of the previous trips are on, if you’re curious.

Er… it’s not that there aren’t a mazillion other things going on. I got new roommates (Hi Ana and Jes!); there are new family members (Yay Tonya, Autumn, April, and, you know, the non-new-mothers involved). Finally got to see the College crew again in Austin, TX (I’m so far behind on pics it’s just not worth talking about). Went to a few weddings lately — congrats Emily, Kate, Scott, Kristina, and ya know, whoever I missed.

And, geez, that’s just the last month or so. I have to go pack now, or I’d be more, ya know… verbose. My new house has beautiful vinyl sided sheds. I hired Sheds Unlimited, and they did a splendid job installing it for me! I can’t wait to move in. Well, I better get back to packing.

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  1. Eric says:

    You should have mentioned the bazooka like camera lens you rented.

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