Well, I’ve been back from Kenya for a while now. For anyone that missed it (you weird non-facebook users), I went over with Hearts For Kenya, a Louisville, KY based volunteer organization that, well, here’s how they word… Read More

Winter Projects: No Moving Required

Halloween is just about over, for all useful purposes. I had two visitors… the were twins and they live next door. I managed to make it out Thursday night to the Miamisburg bar hop, which would have been… Read More

Lots of pictures are finally up

I’m about 5000 photos behind in terms of updating my photo gallery, but in the mean time here’s a few interesting tidbits: Laura and Dallas got married, Congratulations guys! Mommalynch took some eight gadzillion pictures, and they’re up… Read More

Cameras and Bicycles

I’ve been getting a lot more bicycling in lately — Xenia, just up the road from Dayton, claims to be the bicycle capital of the world. I have no idea what that means, but they really do have… Read More

Kentucky Derby (Pics!)

Ah, the Kentucky Derby Infield. One of these days I’ll get the $1000 seats, and hit the Barnstable-Brown party the night before, but until then, the crazy people are still tons of fun. Thanks Ma and Pa for… Read More