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Well, I’ve been back from Kenya for a while now. For anyone that missed it (you weird non-facebook users), I went over with Hearts For Kenya, a Louisville, KY based volunteer organization that, well, here’s how they word it: The … Continue reading

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Winter Projects: No Moving Required

Halloween is just about over, for all useful purposes. I had two visitors… the were twins and they live next door. I managed to make it out Thursday night to the Miamisburg bar hop, which would have been point-and-shoot heaven … Continue reading

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Marathon Pic Updates

OK, I’ll update this with derby pics as soon as I get ’em updated, but in the mean time you HAVE to see these pics of Joslyn and Vicki at the Kentucky Derby Marathon (yep, Vicki ran the whole 26). … Continue reading

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Bourbon and Ice for Charity

The Young Survivor’s Silent Auction Benefit (or something like that) at the Frazier museum in Louisville this weekend was a fantastic event! There are pics around here somewhere (I popped a few onto Facebook already). Congratulations to everyone for pulling … Continue reading

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It’s too cold for this

My brother signed up for a fur-trapping excursion this past weekend, so I met him somewhere out in nowhere, KY for a bizarre sub-freezing camping and trapping experience. I should write more about it — it was quite an experience, … Continue reading

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