The Wild Blue Yonder

So today is my second day off after quitting my job!  I’m very excited about it… my most recent client was very interesting, and I think we accomplished some really cool things while I was there, but getting it… Read More

Fridays Off! And a movie Review…

I’ve gone to working part time, as of last week. After leaving Deloitte and the Air Force, and the fantastic team I helped build and was a part of up there, I have some higher standards for the… Read More

Datamining, Privacy, and Ethics

[I’m trying to write shorter blog posts these days — let’s see how that goes] There was a lot of chatter recently around about how Target (the shopping chain) has used data mining to identify pregnant shoppers in… Read More

Ridiculous MySQL Behavior

I’ve been messing with this for a few hours until I finally found this nugget on MySQL: A view definition is “frozen” by certain statements: If a statement prepared by PREPARE refers to a view, the view definition… Read More


Well, I’ve been back from Kenya for a while now. For anyone that missed it (you weird non-facebook users), I went over with Hearts For Kenya, a Louisville, KY based volunteer organization that, well, here’s how they word… Read More