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Sometimes things I do for work are actually interesting. They’re listed here.

The Wild Blue Yonder

So today is my second day off after quitting my job!  I’m very excited about it… my most recent client was very interesting, and I think we accomplished some really cool things while I was there, but getting it to the … Continue reading

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Two Years with the Heritage Health Prize

ED: I spoke to a reporter yesterday for a half hour or so, discussing the final stretch of the Heritage Health Prize data mining competition I’ve been a competitor in for the past couple of years. Her article came out … Continue reading

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Datamining, Privacy, and Ethics

[I’m trying to write shorter blog posts these days — let’s see how that goes] There was a lot of chatter recently around about how Target (the shopping chain) has used data mining to identify pregnant shoppers in an effort … Continue reading

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Visualization and Data Topics

Topics near and dear to my heart, largely because they keep me employed, absolutely include all things Data related. In particular, lately, Data Visualization has been a hot topic. We got to attend a presentation today by Frank van Ham … Continue reading

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Cars, Work, Blogs, and such

Well, my wonderful Subaru WRX with a gadzillion (162k) miles on it blew a head gasket just before Halloween, and I JUST got it back. It’s much happier now, several thousand dollars later. In the mean time I bought a … Continue reading

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