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Sometimes things I do for work are actually interesting. They’re listed here.

On Key Performance Indicators

You’ve got a company, or an organization, or even just in everyday life, and you have goals:  you want to grow, you want to learn, you want to educate.  But how do you quantify those goals?  From a business perspective, … Continue reading

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Base conversion in SQL

Here’s something silly I threw together that no one will probably use, which makes it perfect for posting here. We ran across software that has a table that has an Id that ALSO has a unique char(4) field that, as … Continue reading

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The Wild Blue Yonder

So today is my second day off after quitting my job!  I’m very excited about it… my most recent client was very interesting, and I think we accomplished some really cool things while I was there, but getting it to the … Continue reading

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Two Years with the Heritage Health Prize

ED: I spoke to a reporter yesterday for a half hour or so, discussing the final stretch of the Heritage Health Prize data mining competition I’ve been a competitor in for the past couple of years. Her article came out … Continue reading

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Datamining, Privacy, and Ethics

[I’m trying to write shorter blog posts these days — let’s see how that goes] There was a lot of chatter recently around about how Target (the shopping chain) has used data mining to identify pregnant shoppers in an effort … Continue reading

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