Efficient Geographic Coverage in SQL Server

Part 0: The Problem… A fairly common problem in the real world is to make sure you have enough of something — hospitals, gas stations, water towers — to accommodate the need in a particular area.  In Health… Read More

Adding a quick lunar calendar to the data mart

I ran across an article at Popular Science citing research that correlated Heart Surgery outcomes to the Lunar Calendar. That’s right… the claim is that you are more likely to survive and to spend less time in the… Read More

R Slopegraphs and the HHP Leaderboard

I’m still working on my visualization-fu, so when the Heritage Health Prize finally got announced, the final scores provided a simple source of data that I wanted to investigate. I’ve written about the HHP before.  After spending three years with… Read More

Quick Python for ICD-10 XML Parsing

ICD-10 coding is a hot topic in medical data circles this year.  The short version is that, when you visit a doctor, they have a standard set of codes for both the Diagnoses and the Procedures relevant to… Read More

Two Years with the Heritage Health Prize

ED: I spoke to a reporter yesterday for a half hour or so, discussing the final stretch of the Heritage Health Prize data mining competition I’ve been a competitor in for the past couple of years. Her article… Read More