Best Reddit Yet…

Ok, I’ve only posted to reddit a couple of times, but this one will be my favorite for probably forever I expect… I posted this thread on reddit asking about an MP3 song I’ve had lying around since… Read More

The Truck is Running! Yay!

So it’s been a month since the last post, when I was excited about the new possibilities. And quite a month it has been! The truck died… I took the carburetor off to rebuild it since the engine… Read More

Taco and Mia are Party Animals!

Note: This is a special guest post written by Chipmonkey I made a few new friends last week! My human (Chip) has a friend Taco, who is spending a year traveling around the country with his Human (Mia);… Read More

Packing, Planning, and Catching Up

Well, it’s time again for that bi-annual post that you all have come to love and enjoy! This particular weekend, I’m packing for a trip to Kenya… I’m leaving this coming weekend for a two week volunteer trip… Read More