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Sometimes things I do for work are actually interesting. They’re listed here.

Visualization and Data Topics

Topics near and dear to my heart, largely because they keep me employed, absolutely include all things Data related. In particular, lately, Data Visualization has been a hot topic. We got to attend a presentation today by Frank van Ham … Continue reading

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Cars, Work, Blogs, and such

Well, my wonderful Subaru WRX with a gadzillion (162k) miles on it blew a head gasket just before Halloween, and I JUST got it back. It’s much happier now, several thousand dollars later. In the mean time I bought a … Continue reading

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TeamFortress 2 and BlackJack

Not much to see here. I needed to add an update so that people would quit complaining… you know how that goes. I actually disabled the front page briefly, then people complained they couldn’t get to the pics and the … Continue reading

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This is why I never get anything accomplished

This is the exact text of the e-mail I got today explaining why our servers can’t be administered today. Fortunately, I tend to work in the building next door to this, otherwise I might be concerned: Just got off the … Continue reading

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Don’t Lick the kleenex and Don’t Blink

That’s my useful advice for the day. Moistening a bit of Kleenex to clean up, well, anything, makes good sense, unless your kleenex is anti-viral, because licking it tastes foul. It’s probably not bad for you, but still. Ick. In … Continue reading

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