Birthday (and a Conference) in Seattle

Who am I to turn down a trip to Seattle for a Microsoft Conference on my birthday weekend when someone gives us a free pass? No one, that’s right, which is why we went!

Seattle is gorgeous — Paradise on Mt. Rainier, and Coldwater Lake near Mt. St. Helens are two of my new favorite places in the world. The ridiculous amount of photos we took are more easily consumed on Google here: (Most everything) and here: (the Chihuly glass museum, which got it’s own folder just because).

But here are a few highlights:

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2018 Aerospace Games (aka Working Here Month 6)

Some pics from the 2018 Aerospace Games — Go SpaceX! Of note, half of these images are what happen when you accidentally forget that you set your camera on insane-ISO and Manual Focus last time you used it. But eventually the issue was identified and resolved! I’m not sure we won this year, but we had the best shirts unquestionably.

Anyway… I got the camera working for the pyramid competition and then sort of zonked out, but it was a blast! Great job everyone!

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Why I Move Jobs

A friend of mine who has a very fine job recently asked me, and a couple of other friends, how we decide when to take a new job. The issue came up because he was made an out-of-the-blue offer from a company he knows, but he isn’t looking and has, in fact, only been at his current job a relatively short while (less than two years).

It’s a good question, and since I made another jump early this year I thought I’d go through my list to review…

My current job is, I hope, a dream job. I don’t think there’s only one, but when I left my previous full-time gig, I made a list of the companies I wanted to work for. There were two companies on it: SpaceX and Disney, and SpaceX was far and away the #1. So I sent a resume, and about eight months later I started here.

That approach has, however, been an anomaly. It was actually fun to go remember why I take new jobs. For one thing, I can tell you, I’ve never left a job for more money (in fact a few of my moves were definitely pay reducing). I find that interesting. Here’s how the rest of my career path went, chronologically:

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Tiny House – A Year in a Caboose

yellow car in front of a yellow caboose

That month I lived in a Yellow Caboose and owned a Yellow Subaru

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Working Here — Week Four

So moving to California (and coordinating with my fiancé, who is not QUITE out here full time yet), starting a new job at SpaceX, and trying at ALL to do homework/research/thesis work for school has me rather busy!

But I wanted to do a quick update… this place is insanely cool.

The philosophy that seems to permeate the culture here is one of “of course we can do that”, coupled with pushing ourselves and each other to answer “how quickly can we do that, and do it well”?

Every barrier I’ve seen in other companies is torn down. Meetings are pretty efficient and only as long as necessary. No one gets upset if you don’t attend; you’re an adult, you know how your time is best used… if someone NEEDS you to attend, they’ll make it very clear. They’re adults too.
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