500 Series

How sad is it when I get excited that I bowled a 500 Series? For those of you not in “the know”, bowling 3-games (a series) with a total score of 500 is, probably, fairly easy, for people that do that sort of thing (bowl) regularly. It is, however, my first time, so I thought I’d cheer and shout in my little way. (Yay me!)

New Look

Well, it’s time for the “whenever-chip-feels-like-it” update to the website. I’m going with “wordpress” for the back end now. If you’re curious, I tried a handful of wiki and blog software, but wordpress is easily the simplest to install and (bonus) has a good plug-in available for Gallery 2, which I’m using for my pictures. Hopefeully that will lead to some more prettiness on the site.

As always, let me know if there’s anyone out there actually reading this stuff, and what, if anything, you’d like to see here. As always, I’ll try to write more updates — there will be some lag between now and when I get my old posts migrated to wordpress (that’s the mixed-bag of writing your own code — I know I can migrate it, but there’s no nifty utilities out there that someone else wrote to do it).

Hey, this post was hacked in mid 2019… what?!  Madness.

Nice to have you,

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