Luck Dragon Invasion

So, after Angela’s dog Reese died last week of a combination of things, Lilly was pretty depressed. Actually, she was sad and whiny enough when I saw her Friday that I actually let her drive along with me in my car (which is now, officially, messier than it has ever been). The decision was eventually made to get Lilly another dog (who would, ultimately, belong to Kory).

The rules were simple: At least a year old, housebroken, must like cats, must get along with Lilly, and can’t be an annoying little terrier/poodle/puntable-sized dog.

As far as I can tell the resulting adoption matches less than half of the “requirements”. Of course, since Newton (for whom I apparently picked the winning name) looks like a Luck Dragon there wasn’t any real argument. Everyone say hi:
57549 57612

I can see you. (facelift, upgrade)

I thikn we finally have the Gallery and the Blog looking like they belong together. That and the theme is a bit less “borrowed” than it was before. Let me know what you think, particularly if you’re one of the people hosting pictures on my site and you absolutely hate it… that’s the sort of important feedback I’m looking for here.

And of course, now I get to stare at you while you surf. Muah ha ha ha ha.

I upgraded the Ubuntu back-end too while we were at it this weekend. I love Ubuntu. Best Linux distro I’ve played with so far, and there’ve been a lot of ’em. Upgrading was a snap — just had to change “hoary” to “breezy” (after having recently changed “warty” to “hoary”… great naming convention) in the Synaptic repository, reload, and upgrade. Schweet. 400MB of downloads later and, as far as I can tell, nothing’s changed. But I’m sure it’s better. Sure of it.

I did, actually, upgrade to the nVidia X-server, which is MUCH happier now. Hooah. Anyway, folks, enjoy the changes.

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Wired, useful zine that it is, has this article up dealing with some useful firefox extensions. Good reading in an of itself, but there’s an added bonus: Our good friend Britt (whose personal website name was inspired by a trip to Chip’s house) runs, which is listed in the Wired article as a good source of GreaseMonkey scripts.

Go Britt!

Small Louisville, take 47

So, April, who by some strange extension we’re just going to call one of my relatives (Aunt-in-law-in-law or some such) had a wedding a couple of weeks ago to James, whom she met at work. So far so good. Now, Angela and I go to the reception, with much of the rest of my family… all what you’d expect.

Fast forward to nowish… Angela works at the vet clinic with a receptionist named Jennifer, who was talking to her about one of her past best friends’ wedding recently. Of course, you guessed, Jennifer was good friends with April (and April’s first husband Jeremy). NOW, it seems, Jennifer is married to Amy (Aprils Sister)’s youngest son (Michael)’s father (um… Tracey?). Got that? Right. And she works with Angela.

I can’t keep up.

In OTHER, semi-related news, I went out to Dutch’s Tavern for the annual pre-Thanksgiving debauchery. Pete, Heather, Christina and that crowd we expected to see, and of course Kimmet and Doug were playing. Now, Pete I’ve known since 2nd grade, so that’s how we know that crowd. What I didn’t expect was to bump into Gail, Eric, Patty, Chris… people I met through Neisja (who was my roommate in DC for a while, that I met originally through Atherton folk… try to keep up). Turns out they were there too, which is always a pleasant surprise (well, Neisja wasn’t there — her friends were).

Not bad, not bad. BUT, it turns out they were there with Christina and company. Apparently some of them play Volleyball with Pete, Christina, and that crowd. So, again, I’ve got people introducing me to lots of people that I’ve already met AGAIN, in good ole Louisville.

What I REALLY WANT, is some way to keep track of all of this. Yeah, I’m a geek, so I mean, like, graphically. Back when was working they had good tools if you could get everyone to sign up, but for people that aren’t on your social-site-of-the-month it’d be nice to keep track locally. Does anyone know of a good contact manager that handles circuitous relationship paths? No? Me neither. But hopefully it makes for a good story.

A little TOO wired…

I’ve heard plenty of stories about good ole gen-X-ers (like m’self) struggling to get their parents hooked up to the internet and in general cought up with the tech-saavy world. My mom, in particular has been doing a really good job, although I’m afraid now that she’s gone too far… This is the text message I got on my cell phone this morning, when I woke up:

What a peaceful death – 1:20 AM Chris, Little Sister Maria & I were with Mimi – It was just what she prayed for all her life – God was so present!

Yes, that’s right… I officially found out that my Grandmother died via text-message. So, of course, I’m passing along the news to the rest of the world in similar fashion: on my website. It’s not really as strange as it sounds… this was better than being awoken at 2AM, and ma’s really pretty hooked up. Still, makes a good story.

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