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Things for Git that I keep forgetting!

If you create a lot of files and want to add them to a remote git repository (such as in GitHub) that _already exists_, do this: (from : )

  • git init # Turn your local files into a repository
  • git add . # Add all the
  • git commit -m "Initial Commit" # commit with message
  • git remote add -f gitremote <remote_url>
  • git merge gitremote/master # Magic
  • git commit -m "Merge Commit" # If needed
  • git push --set-upstream origin master

Other fun things:

  • List all repos with my name (Lynch) as "authorname":
    • git for-each-ref --format='%(committerdate) %09 %(authorname) %09 %(refname)' | sort -k5n -k2M -k3n -k4n | grep -i Lynch
  • Find a deleted file in a git log via wildcard search:
    • git log -- *partialfilename*