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ChipWiki is fully operational!

Or at least I hope so. Not sure what I'm going to do about it, of course. Here's some useful stuff that shipped with the front page... when I figure out how to change the navigation and toolbox sidebars, I'll probably move this stuff there. Of course, then I'll have to come up with some real content for the main page. Sheesh.

Links about Chip

Chip's Resume (Not that I need a job, but you know, just in case)


Some ideas running around in my head

Chip's To Do List

A Place for Chip to talk about Video Games

Things Chip has Made in his budding Wood Shop

Personal coding projects that I may never finish. Or start.

Chip's Recipes

Chip's Facebook Page

Chip's LinkedIn Page

Learn About Wifey

Mary Ann Lynch

Technical Tidbits

Development Tidbits

Git Tidbits

Go Tidbits

Python Tidbits

Oracle Tidbits

Teradata Tidbits

Informatica Standards

Microsoft Tidbits

Linux Tidbits

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Windows Desktop Software

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