Dayton Technology Landscape Conference

Technology First is a local IT Trade Group, and their second annual “Technology Landscape Conference” was yesterday, so I dutifully (duty = I’m dating their intern) attended. Ok, so there was some more duty… one of the companies… Read More

Heritage Health Prize: On Algorithms, Rights, Patents and Patients

So my goal for the weekend was to submit an entry to the Heritage Health Prize. It took me until Monday night (have to work off-hours, this isn’t a work-sponsored event), but our team (the Data Monkeys) (with… Read More

Data Ethics, Privacy, and Responsibility

We’ve seen a lot of high profile data privacy and data leak issues in the news lately. Facebook is constantly under fire, for apparent lapses in securing private data. Just today, classified documents from Guantanamo Bay were leaked… Read More

Visualization and Data Topics

Topics near and dear to my heart, largely because they keep me employed, absolutely include all things Data related. In particular, lately, Data Visualization has been a hot topic. We got to attend a presentation today by Frank… Read More