Babies Babies everywhere

I’m almost a year behind on naming and uploading pics… sorry… but in the mean time the last five weeks have had FIVE baby announcements hit my Inbox! Congrats to Brian and Melanie on having Abigail Rae (Sept…. Read More

Hiking, Dave and Julie’s Wedding Pics, All that

So, for Father’s day, my dad (“Father”), brother and I went hiking in Jefferson Memorial Forest somewhere south of Louisville, KY. It hurt. Five miles of hurt, and that’s not counting the mosquitoes and ticks that we had… Read More

Bed-Shaped Seizmographs

So last night was bowling night, and we had quite the turn out, considering Heath is off on his honeymoon somewhere (Congrats Heath, BTW). Eric came up from Louisville to bowl in Heath’s absence and Ang stopped by… Read More