You Tube, Roller Coasters, and Theme Park Visits

Until I can get streaming media working from my own server (which is probably semi-trivial, but this was even trivial-er), we’re going to join the YouTube bandwagon (and band-width wagon). Ang has a far more detailed write up… Read More

I’m Turning Green

Angela and I have been playing with the lathe quite a lot (thanks again, Joe!)… the latest fun thing that I’m enjoying is turning “green” wood. We had some trees pruned in the last month which left us… Read More

Romanians Causing me to Head-Bob

The latest thing to keep running through my head and cause me to walk around with my head bobbing up and down in time to some tune that no-one but me can hear is this… listen to it… Read More

Bed-Shaped Seizmographs

So last night was bowling night, and we had quite the turn out, considering Heath is off on his honeymoon somewhere (Congrats Heath, BTW). Eric came up from Louisville to bowl in Heath’s absence and Ang stopped by… Read More