Definitions (Privacy? Healthy?)

Here’s a thought just a moment ago: Privacy could be defined by the viewpoint of a hypothetical group of casual observers. For example, if you’re in your home alone, no group of random strangers would ever be in your house without your express permission, so you should have privacy. If you’re in public, surrounded by random strangers, then you have a certain amount of privacy — what’s in your pockets, cell phone, or purse for example — but not much of others — what you’re holding, what you’re doing, what you’re saying out loud beyond a whisper.

Where this becomes important is to things like location. WHERE you are at any single moment may be discernable by a crowd, but probably not if you’re just blending in — you’d have to do something noticeable. Following you around is something a crowd doesn’t do, however; a cell phone tracker or license plate tracker operates more like a stalker instead of like a random crowd, and so could be seen as an invasion of privacy. Now we allow this in some cases — I’m not sure all the real-life legal issues in hiring a detective to follow someone around without a warrant, but it happens in movies, so… 😉 Still, there is that line between stalker and random stranger.

Why is this called “Definitions”?  Wasn’t that supposed to be about being “Healthy”? See:

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