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Working Here — Week Four

So moving to California (and coordinating with my fiancé, who is not QUITE out here full time yet), starting a new job at SpaceX, and trying at ALL to do homework/research/thesis work for school has me rather busy! But I … Continue reading

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California – Week One

Wow, so, let me catch you up: Got engaged to Mary Ann Moved to Los Angeles, CA last week and started a new job at SpaceX Ok, I guess it’s just two things, but they’re REALLY big things!

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Once More Into the Bitcoin…

Last time I talked about Bitcoin, in 2011, I said this: Prices quickly went from a few dollars to around $30, although they’ve now backed off a bit to around $20/BTC (Bitcoin). And, you will notice, I was not predicting … Continue reading

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Best Reddit Yet…

Ok, I’ve only posted to reddit a couple of times, but this one will be my favorite for probably forever I expect… I posted this thread on reddit asking about an MP3 song I’ve had lying around since college, or … Continue reading

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Greedy Test Case Algorithm in a SQL Stored Proc

Here’s a straightforward problem: I have a table with a lot of fields in it (in this case, several tables — new Fact and Dimension tables in a star schema data warehouse, but, you know, any wide table will do). … Continue reading

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