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Definitions (Privacy? Healthy?)

Here’s a thought just a moment ago: Privacy could be defined by the viewpoint of a hypothetical group of casual observers. For example, if you’re in your home alone, no group of random strangers would ever be in your house … Continue reading

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The Truck is Running! Yay!

So it’s been a month since the last post, when I was excited about the new possibilities. And quite a month it has been! The truck died… I took the carburetor off to rebuild it since the engine sounded lousy … Continue reading

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Procrastination via Organization (And Loving It)

I think there’s a name for the mental block that occurs when you can’t start a project specifically due to having not cleaned and organized sufficiently before hand. ┬áIt’s a form of procrastination, I think, but I haven’t been able … Continue reading

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The 33 — reviewing a new series by J.C. Hutchins

Addison Creel made a deal with the devil (whether literally or figuratively we’re not quite sure — there is a character named Azael), and the bill is now coming due. 33 weeks of service to a secretive organization that has … Continue reading

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Dayton Technology Landscape Conference

Technology First is a local IT Trade Group, and their second annual “Technology Landscape Conference” was yesterday, so I dutifully (duty = I’m dating their intern) attended. Ok, so there was some more duty… one of the companies presenting was … Continue reading

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